Funds for Ukraine: A Dog Moms of OCNY and Baked for Barks Fundraiser
  • Larissa, the Creative Talent from Dog Moms of OCNY is from Ukraine- and has lived her life with the traditions, and family grace of the Ukrainian culture.


    We wanted to honor her Country during this horrific time, while helping to raise funds for the animals in need.



    From Larissa:


    As a Ukrainian diaspora raised in a traditional household, it is so important to me to take every opportunity available to help our country.


    The love of our country is something that runs through our veins, something we were all born with. Although this war started in February for the world to see, there has been a war against the people of Ukraine for so much longer.


    Our families lived through war.. survived war.. they fled their country to give their families a better life.


    While we see many people forced to flee this beautiful country yet again, there are animals who have been left behind, stuck in shelters which have been shelled, bombed, destroyed.. our hearts break for the animals in Ukraine and we will do whatever we can to help them get to safety.


     From the bottom of my heart, thank you.




    We teamed up with Baked for Barks  the best in the dog cookie and cake came – and we bring you the “POOP ON PUTIN” and “Ukraine Love” cookie set –



    Each set costs $12.00


    66% of the proceeds with be donated to @IFAWGLOBAL – an amazing organization who is rushing emergency aid to two local animal shelters in Donetsk and Gorlovka to provide pet food, veterinary supplies, and wages for daily care staff.



    Funds for Ukraine: A Dog Moms of OCNY and Baked for Barks Fundraiser