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Ways to Incorporate Your Pup into the Holidays

With Christmas just days away, we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite ways that we share the holiday season with our fur babies! Whether you're going all out or just looking to do something small, we've got you covered!

Play in the Snow

Playing in the snow is something small you can do to celebrate the holiday season with your pup. Grab a waterproof toy and your snow boots and head outside. Just be sure to limit your dog's time out in the snow, as you don't want them getting frost bite or hypothermia. This can be a great way to burn your dogs energy from being cooped up in the house and will be a bonding experience for you and them to play together.

Make a Homemade Ornament

By combining 1 cup of salt, 3/4 cup of water and 2 cups of flour, you can make your soft dough to work with. Once you have your dough combined, you can roll it out, cut our circles and press your dog's paw print into the dough. We would also recommend pushing a straw down into the top of the ornament to leave a whole for a string. From there, you will want to leave the ornament out for a day or two to harder or you can back the ornament at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. (the time to cook will depend on the thickness of the dough)

Take Christmas Photos Together

This is a fun way to not only enjoy the holiday season but to capture it! Grab a cute outfit for yourself and a matching bandana for your pup and pose in front of your tree. These pictures can be used for future Christmas cards, ornaments or Christmas decor! (Here is our Christmas Card photo this year!)

Get Matching Christmas Pajamas

Seriously, need we say more?!? Matching pajamas are all the trend right now, so why not join in on the fun with your pup! Target has adorable matching flannel pajamas for you, your family, and your pups. These pajamas can only be purchased in store, so don't walk, run!

Holiday Treat Exchange

This is something us Dog Moms of OCNY ladies are doing. Get together with a few of the dog pawrents in your circle (COVID safe of course), and all bake dog treats to exchange with each other. Put the dog treats sealed in a fun bag so that there is less contact between the three of you. This is just like your traditional cookie exchange party, only made for your dogs!

Make And Fill A Stocking

We love a good craft here at Dog Moms of OCNY! Why not make your pup a stocking for Christmas? We found this great stocking kit off of Amazon for only $12.99. But if you're not that crafty type, we can take care of that for you! We are selling custom stockings for your pup at the link here. Once you've received or completed your dog's stocking, be sure to fill it with lots of bones, toys and treats for your pup to open on Christmas!

Get Your Dog a Present From Santa Paws

If you're looking for something a little more simple to do for the holiday season, add your pup to your Christmas gift list! Get your dog a little something to open the morning of Christmas, this can be from you or from Santa Paws! This can be anything from a bag of treats, a fun bone, or a new toy that you think they will love!

Bake Holiday Treats For Your Pup

We love baking our pup some homemade treats, so why not do it for the holidays? Pinterest is filled with tons of holiday treats for your pup such as mini gingerbread man dog treats, candy cane dog treats, and even dog treats with greek yogurt frosting. This is a great way to spend a snow day, listening to Christmas music and baking some sweet treats for your fur baby. They will be sure to love it as well!

Get Your Pup a Christmas Sweater

This is something fun to do for Christmas Day or for any holiday themed events you may be hosting. T.J. Maxx always has a bunch of adorable dog Christmas sweaters that won't break the bank. They have a bunch of different fun patterns making your dog look extra festive this holiday season! These would also make an adorable addition to any holiday pictures you've decided to take.

No matter how you decide to spend the holidays with your pup, we hope you have the most amazing holiday season! As always, give us a follow on social media (@dogmomsofocny) and we will be back Wednesday, January 13th with a new blog post! Happy Howlidays!

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