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The Best of & Around Orange County, NY Dog Parks

You asked and we've got you covered, today we are featuring some of our favorite Dog Parks in the area! Included are dog parks in Orange County and slightly outside of Orange County. We love taking our dogs to the local dog parks to make friends and play. Let's be honest, it's great for us dog pawrents to make friends too!

  1. Thomas Bull Memorial Dog Park

Starting off with Thomas Bull Memorial Park, this park is absolutely stunning in every aspect, including the dog park. The dog park is split into two areas, one for dogs over 30 pounds and one for dogs under 30 pounds. The areas has park benches for us dog pawrents to hang out on, water fountains, and offers free waste bags to clean up your pup's business. The community of dog parents here have been said to be friendly. If you're in the Montgomery area, be sure to grab your pup and swing by to check it out! We definitely recommend it! (211 State Route 416, Campbell Hall, NY 10916)

2. Vernon Dog Park

Next up is the Vernon Dog Park located in Vernon, NJ, a part of Sussex County. While this one isn't in Orange County, we thought it was a great one to add to our list. This dog park is very clean with a nice landscape. There are water jugs throughout the park to refill dog bowl there and also extra tennis balls for your convenience (although you should be careful about the tennis balls in any dog park). This dog park is ran by the nonprofit D.O.G.S. of Vernon and comes at no cost to the tax payers of Vernon, NJ. To learn more about this dog park, you can visit (County Road 517 Vernon, NJ 07462)

3. Wantage Dog Park

Sticking in Sussex County, Wantage, NJ has a great dog park as well. The dog park is separated by big and small dogs for maximum safety, this park also has agility equipment for your pup to enjoy such as ramps and slides. Wantage Dog Park offers free waste bags, water for drinking, and even a creek for the dogs to cool off in on a hot day! If you're looking for something a little more fun for your pup than the average dog park, we would definitely recommend Wantage Dog Park! (128 Rt 628 Wantage, NJ 07461)

4. Warwick Dog Park

Back to Orange County, we wanted to tell you about the Warwick Dog Park. While it doesn't have the best reviews on Yelp, the Warwick Dog Park is a more basic option that is clean if you are near the area. This dog park can be difficult to find as it is tucked behind the lacrosse field (look for sign that says "sports complex"), but the fellow owners are very friendly and everyone watches out for each others dogs for the most part. This dog park is also divided by big and small dogs to ensure safety for all animals. While it may not be the fanciest of the dog parks, we definitely recommend this one if you're in the area! (Warwick Town Park, Union Corners, Warwick, NY 10990)

5. Cornwall Dog Park

Another clean dog park in the Orange County is the Cornwall Dog Park. This is another dog park that is a more basic option for your pup, but is does have a beautiful view of the mountains to admire while your fur baby is playing. It doesn't have anything too fancy, but it'll get the job done for tiring out your pup in a fenced in open space! This park has been said to get muddy easily and they do not offer water supply, so you will need to bring water for your pup. The park is split into two sections, dogs over 35 pounds and dogs over 35 pounds. To learn more about this dog park, visit (15 Muser Drive, Cornwall, NY 12518)

6. Maple Hill Dog Park

Next up on our list is Maple Hill Dog Park in Middletown, NY. This dog park is a good size and is separated once again by small and large dogs. This dog park has plenty of park benches to sit on while your pup is playing and also a water supply to fill water bowls for your pup. This dog park also has a few pieces of agility equipment for you pup to get their energy out. We would definitely recommend this spot for you if you're near Middletown. (390 County Road 78, Middletown, NY 10940)

7. Goshen Dog Park

The Goshen Dog Park is located in Goshen, NY and is a favorite amongst the attendees. This is another park that has agility equipment, but it also has a big hill for your dog to run up and down. This is a great place if your dog is high energy and you need to wear them out a bit. This dog park does not have park benches though, so if you plan on staying a while you may want to bring a camping chair. We would recommend this dog park to anyone in the Goshen area! (370-374 Main St., Goshen, NY 10924)

We are always open to hearing about your favorite dog parks in the area, so be sure to comment below or to shoot up a message on social media and tell us about your favorites! As always, follow us on all social media (@dogmomsofocny) to stay up to date about our upcoming events, merchandise and newest blog posts! Have a great rest of your week!

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