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Happy Birthday To Your Pup: Ways to celebrate your fur baby's birthday!

Get ready everyone, it's about to be a pawty! We are bringing to you some of our favorite ways to celebrate our dog's birthday and/or adoption day. With Finnegan's birthday being around the corner, we figured why not share some of our favorite ways to celebrate our dog's birthday!

Throw a Party

For Finnegan's birthday last year, I threw a Birthday BBQ for him. We had a hot dog bar, all dog themed appetizers, and even cupcakes to look like Finnegan. I invited family and close friends and it was a great time! We put all of the appetizers we could into dog bowls that I have purchased from the dollar store, which was a total hit.

We also set up a photo booth to take pictures in front on that we hung outside. The photo booth included a screen to cover our shed door, balloons that said "Let's Pawty" and props for everyone to take photos with. We had a great time snapping photos throughout the party in front of our photo booth! (Pictured Below)

Have a Photo Shoot

What better way to celebrate you and your dog's friendship than a photo shoot together. Put on some of your favorite outfits and grab your pup a nice bandana and have your friends take some pictures of you two. This is a great way to mark any milestone birthday and to have some pictures to cherish forever.

Host a Puppy Play Date With Your Dog's BFF

Invite your dog's BFF over to the house or even to a fun spot like a brewery or park and let them have their fun. Bring some fun toys for both pups to play with and of course you can't forget a bag of treats for a post playdate snack. This will allow your dogs to have tons of fun and tire them out while you get to catch up with your fellow dog parent friend! Win win if you ask me!

Bake A Dog Cake or Treats Together

Homemade dog treats or cakes are one of the best ways to make your dog feel loved! I think we all know the way to our dog's hearts is through their stomachs. If you weren't able to catch our Dog Moms of OCNY dog cake recipe on instagram live, there are plenty of recipes to try on Pinterest for both cakes and treats. You know what your dog likes best, so if it's one specific ingredient they can't get enough of, go for that flavored cake or treat. This will be a fun way to make your pup feel special on their special day!

Invite your Dog's Friends to the Dog Park

Much like the last point, why not host a party at the dog park? Invite all of your dog's buddies and your friends to the dog park and let them play together while you hang out with the dog parents. This will once again allow the dogs to have lots of fun while tiring out. If you really want to make it fun, you can even make each dog a goodie bag to take home after the dog park.

Take your Dog Camping or to the Beach

I thought this may be a unique idea, a way to let your dog be a dog while spending quality time with you. Finnegan loves going on hikes, so this is something I am thinking about bringing him to do on his birthday. Pack up your things, don't forget everything your dog may need and head to a campsite or the beach. Take your dog for a walk on the beach or a hike through the mountains. While cooking up some hot dogs for yourself over an open fire, be sure to sneak a few pieces to your fur baby. It will be a great bonding experience for the both of you as well as allow dogs to be in touch with their more natural instincts.

DIY Dog Scavenger Hunt

Grab a handful of your dog's favorite treats and hide them throughout your house or yard without your dog around. Then when you are ready lead your dog around the general area for them to find the treats you had hidden. It is a fun game that comes with lots of rewards for your pup!

Bring your Dog to your Local Pet Shop and Let them Pick Out Their Own Birthday Present

Make sure your dog loves their birthday present by letting them pick it out themselves. Make sure your dog is on a leash, but take them to your local pet store and let them try out the toys themselves and take home their favorite! This will be a fun experience for both you and your dog and will help you to get to know exactly what they like a little bit better.

Take your Dog Swimming or Set Up the Sprinkler

If you're dog is any type of water bug, this is the birthday celebration for them! Take your dog to the closest pond or lake or even set up a sprinkler in your backyard. You're dog is bound to have a blast while they are splashing around in the water or jumping through the sprinkler. Finish off this fun little celebration with some doggy ice cream for your pup and some human ice cream for yourself!

Take your Dog to their Favorite Place to Walk

If you're looking for something a little more relaxing to do for your dog's birthday, just taking them for a nice walk at their favorite park will satisfy your pup. If you're looking to make things more fun, stop for ice cream after your walk for you and your pup to make the walk ending a little extra special for their birthday. (Yes, some ice cream places sell dog ice cream)

Grab your Pup Some Wufers

Wufers are a company who makes fun and festive dog treats for any holiday or season you could imagine. We love their cookie boxes for their intricate detail and cute designs, and our dogs love it for their delicious taste. These boxes come in at $34, and will be sure to put a smile on any human or dog's face. We recommend getting these for your dog for their birthday or even to give to another pup for their birthday. Yes, keep those dog nieces and nephews in mind. We love how creative wufers are and we think you and your pup will too!

Finish the Fun Day By Taking a Nap Together

After a long day of fun with your pup, both you and them will be very tired. Finish your day off with relaxing on the couch and taking a little snooze curled up with your fur baby. As fun as everything you planned for them is, at the end of the day, dogs just want to spend time with their mommy or daddy.

We hope you found an idea for how to celebrate your dog's birthday this year. If you decide to use one be sure to tell us about your day in the comment below of post a picture and tag us! (@dogmomsofocny) We can't wait to see all of your feedback. As always, follow us on social media and make sure you check back for another post in 2 weeks!

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