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Going Back to Work: Ways To Transition Your Dog Back Into You Being Not Home

All of our dogs thought we quit our jobs to spend more time with them, and let's be honest... we all wish that was true! But because we work hard so our dogs can have a better life, we have found ourselves getting called back into the office within the next few weeks. While this is going to be a difficult transition for us, it will be an even more difficult transition for our fur babies! Don't fret, we've got some tips and tricks on how to get your dog readjusted to spending the day home alone.

The most important thing to know when transitioning your dog to being home alone is the signs of anxiety within your dog. If your dog is whining, whimpering, panting, or pacing when you are getting ready to leave this may be a sign of anxiety within your dog. The best way to relieve anxiety is to tire your pup out! Consider taking your dog for a long walk or jog, or even playing fetch in the backyard before you leave for work. Also, while you're gone, remember that if your dog is chewing or destroying some of your household items or even soiling your house, they aren't doing it because they are mad at you! These actions can be forms of physical manifestations of mental stress or sometimes even boredom. We have a few options for you to address and relieve your dog's anxiety.

Now first, we recommend setting up your dog's "safe space". Whether that be a crate, dog bed, or even the couch, make sure that they have what they need to feel comfortable if they are unsure or anxious about something. For Finnegan, this is normally the couch (yes, he is spoiled). He curls up in the corner between a pillow and the arm of the couch and snuggles there majority of the time I am gone. I always lay down a soft blanket for him, and put some of his favorite toys and bones on the blanket. From there, he normally curls up like a cinnamon bun and falls asleep. With this being said, never be afraid to crate your pup for the day if that is what you feel will be best for them. If the roaming seems to be causing more anxiety or is allowing them to get into things they shouldn't be, set their crate up nice for the day!

Along with setting up your pup's safe space, consider purchasing them some boredom busters such as safe bones they won't choke on or toys that are more durable, such as kong. This will help to soothe any anxiety your dog may have about you not being home and also help the time pass by a little quicker for them. As far as bones, Finnegan loves the Smart Sticks brand as well as the Twizzie brand. You're going to want to pick something specifically that will not perpetrate your dog's esophagus. Another way to keep your pup entertained is to invest in some interactive puzzles toys for them, this will not only relieve their anxiety but also keep them entertained!

Next, purchase a security camera, if you haven't already! You aren't going to be able to get

much work done if you're sitting at work worrying about your fur baby. I have the Geeni camera that I purchased from Walmart for $20. Through wifi, the camera connects to your Geeni app so that you can check in on your pup whenever you would like to. I love this camera because it's both cost-effective and user friendly. You can also get multiple cameras and hook them up to the same app so you are able to check in on different rooms of your house where your dog might be. This camera's stem is also bendable to better see different areas of your room.

If you're truly concerned about your dog being alone all day, consider hiring a dog walker. This will allow your dog to have some human interaction for an hour or two throughout the day while getting in some activity. This will also give you an opportunity to hear from someone who saw your dog during the time you were away to hear about how they were acting and how well they seemed to have adjusted. This also allows for a break up in the day, making the time go faster for your dog. There are a surplus of sites to find one, but we recommend Rover or Wags, as they require background checks on the walker!

We hope some of these tips have been useful for you and your fur baby as you make the transition back into your work office. If you have any tips or tricks to add, comment them below or DM us on our page, (@dogmomsofocny). We always love hearing what works for you and your dog!

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