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Dog & COVID19 Friendly Places in OCNY

Let's be honest, we have all been counting down the days to be able to talk about this, never mind do it. Today, we are sharing all of our favorite dog-friendly and COVID19 phase 3 friendly places to visit! Yes, we mean leaving the house. Start packing your travel dog bowls and dog PAWrent bags, we've got some great places in store for you!

1. Westtown Brew Works

Westtown Brew Works is located in Westtown, NY on Schefflers Road. We love Westtown Brew Works for their small batched brew beers and their casual and scenic atmosphere. The beers are made from all local ingredients and you can even see the growing hops while at the brewery. If you aren't particularly a beer lover, don't fret! This brewery also has ciders, wines and cocktails from local wineries and distilleries. While dogs are not allowed inside the barn, most of the seating is outside, where dogs are always welcome. Westtown often has pizza trailers or other food trucks on the weekends, and let me tell you the pizza is AMAZING! Pack up your pups this weekend, and head on over!

2. Tin Barn Brewing

Tin Barn Brewing is the newest spot on our list, opening officially just a few weeks ago! Tin Barn Brewing is located off Kings Highway in Sugar Loaf, NY and is a father-daughter owned business. While they are currently only offering outdoor seating, tents are set up incase of bad weather and dogs are allowed. They will occasionally feature local food trucks to come serve food in their parking lot. If you're looking for a new spot, definitely check out Tin Barn Brewing!

3. Orange County Distillery at Brown Barn

Orange County Distillery at Brown Barn is easily one of our favorite places on this list! Brown Barn is located in New Hampton, NY on Maple Avenue. Craft cocktails, beer, cider and wine; this place has it all! With a very large yard around the barn, there is plenty of room to make sure your 6 ft. apart and there is plenty of room to bring your pup along with you! There is currently a tent out front with tables and chairs to sit under incase of bad weather. There is also just about always a food truck outside ready to serve you when you are feeling hungry. At the end of the summer, there is a massive sunflower field that makes for the best photo opp. for you are your pup! We love Brown Barn and we hope to see you and your dog(s) there soon!

4. Pine Island Brewing Company

Oh how we love Pine Island Brewery! Pine Island Brewing Co. is located in the heart of Pine Island, NY in an old firehouse on County Route 1. With indoor and outdoor seating, and the allowance of dogs in both, this is a stop you don't want to miss! Every weekend there is a band and a food truck, and you are also allowed to bring outside food into the brewery. In the beer garden, you will find many games like corn hole and horse shoes, and in the tap room you can find darts, connect 4, board games and more! If you haven't already scoped out this spot, we highly recommend it!

5. Fetch Bar & Grill

Fetch Bar & Grill is a dog themed restaurant located in Warwick, NY on Main Street. Dogs are allowed when sitting outdoors. This is a playful pub with various offerings of food and drinks. Our personal favorite is the Warwick Mimosa and the Thanksgiving Egg Rolls... you'll thank us later! While there isn't normally many tables outside, Fetch was able to expand their seating to accommodate for more people (and more dogs) during this time. If you're looking for the perfect dog friendly restaurant that hits all your dog PAWrent obsessions, this is the place to go!

6. Craft Beer Cellar

While you're in Warwick, we recommend stopping by the Craft Beer Cellar to grab a drink with your pup! The Craft Beer Cellar is also located on Main Street in Warwick, NY. When sitting outside, you are allowed to bring your dog as long as they are leashed. The Craft Beer Cellar has a large variety of beers and a few wines to choose from. We would also highly recommend their light foods. We haven't had anything there we didn't like! While sitting outside, your table is a tall barrel and you can take in the views of Main Street. We would absolutely recommend the Craft Beer Cellar if you're looking for a more casual spot to hang out!

7. Brotherhood Winery

We love Brotherhood Winery! Brotherhood Winery is located in Washingtonville on Brotherhood Plaza Drive. Brotherhood's claim to fame is that they are the oldest winery in America! Dogs are allowed when seated outside of Brotherhood. They have a wide variety of wines from local table wines to fine Chilean wines. While they do not serve food, you are able to bring you own. Another great thing about Brotherhood is that you can take a tour of their underground cellars, truly seeing the history of America's oldest winery. We highly recommend you check this winery out if you haven't already!

8. Palaia Winery and Meadery

Palaia Winery is a hidden gem in Highland Mills, NY. They are the self-proclaimed "hippie winery of the Hudson Valley". All of Palaia's wines and meads are made from local ingredients from New York State. You will find a large variety of wines all named in line with their "hippie" theme. We are personally a fan of their Dead Red. As long as you are sitting outside, you are welcome to bring your pup along. Live music is one of their greatest features whether inside or out. They have a smaller menu of light fares to make sure you have a full belly while drinking your wine. We definitely recommend this unique winery if you haven't been yet.

9. Applewood Winery

Applewood Winery is another one of our favorite hidden gems. Applewood is located in Warwick, NY off of Kings Highway. Applewood is an apple farm with both a brewery and winery on the property. The winery is currently open for reservations, but is allowing you to bring your dog along with you to sit outside. The view of the property is something that may take your breath away. With a wide variety of wines, ciders and beers this is a place that will please everyone you have in your party. Oh and we can't forget that they have red and white wine slushees! What's better to cool you down this summer? We think this is a great place to venture off to this weekend!

10. Billy Joe's Ribworks

Billy Joe's Ribworks can be found on the waterfront of Newburgh, NY. As you probably guessed, this is a great barbecue joint with some beautiful views of the Hudson. When seated outside on the deck or in the screened in deck, you are able to bring your dog with you! With a full bar and a decent sized menu, we think this is a great place to go for lunch or dinner with your dog. We can't promise your dog won't be begging for some of that barbecue though!

Now when heading out to these places, be sure to remember your mask and your hand sanitizer to ensure your safety. With that being said, we hope you enjoy finally getting to leave the house and we hope you support some of these awesome local businesses. If you have any other dog-friendly and COVID19 phase 3 places that are open, be sure to comment with them below! As always, make sure you are following us on instagram (@dogmomsofocny) to get all the latest updates. Stay safe out there everyone!

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