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Barking on a Budget: Dollar Tree Edition

We are always looking for how to spoil our pups while still getting a good deal. With that being said, we decided to start a multi-part series on the best dog approved finds at different stores. Today we will be talking about all of the goods from the Dollar Tree!

Jerky Strips

These chicken jerky strips and duck jerky strips are one of Finnegan's absolute favorites! While jerky treats normally ring you up to about $10 - $15, these great treats will only cost you $1! I always stock up on these when I catch them at the dollar tree and keep a bag in my purse for those days Finnegan takes the road with me.

Adjustable Harnesses

One item you may not expect to see at the Dollar Tree are their adjustable harnesses. They have different sizes depending on how much your dog weighs and do the job of keeping your pup secure. You can't beat the price of $1, normally harnesses can cost you anywhere from $10 - $40. We would definitely recommend this harness for anyone looking for a steal!

Collars and Leashes

Along with the adjustable harnesses, we can't forget about the collars and leashes the Dollar Tree sells. While I probably wouldn't recommend these leaches for the more hyper or strong dog, they are perfectly fine for those smaller breed dogs or those more relaxed dogs. The collar is made from a thick material and comes in various sizes depending on the size of your dog's neck.

Dog Waste Bags & Dispensers

A great item that the Dollar Tree carries that I believe every dog mom needs is their dog waste bags and dispenser. Who wants to spend money on bags that literally just pick up your dogs poop and then get thrown away? Not me! The dollar store sells four packs of poop bag rolls for only $1, so you can always be stocked up without breaking the bank!

Training Pads

These mini packs of training pads are perfect to take with you on the go when staying in a new place or even for training your new puppy. These pads come in two different sizes and are great when trying to potty train your dog. We like to take these on the go when staying in new places! At only $1, what do you really have to lose?

Pet Wipes

This is another on the go must have that I swear by. Pet wipes can cost anywhere from $6 - $10, so to only pay a dollar for a pack of wipes is amazing! These are great for any on the go messes with your pet.

Outside Tie-Out Cable

This is a new product, that I just recently found at the Dollar Tree. The tie-out cable is great for hanging out with your dog outside, while giving your dog some freedom to move. This cable is 6 ft. long and comes in silver and blue. There was no weight maximum included on the packaging, so I would make sure you test out the cable prior to leaving your dog attached and unsupervised.

Purina High Protein Dog Chow Wet Food

Our last Dollar Tree find is the Purina High Protein Dog Chow. We thought this was a great option for anyone on a budget. With purina being a trusted dog food brand, you will be able to more easily find out exactly what you're putting into your dog's body. Be sure to check out the ingredients or check with a vet before giving any new products to your pup!

We hope you found some of these bargains helpful and if you have any favorite dollar tree products, comment below to let us know! As always, make sure you follow us on social media (@dogmomsofocny) to stay up to date on all new events, blog posts and merchandise! Our next blog will be posted on October 14th, so be sure to keep you’re eyes peeled!

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